Bitcoin of paper? Trader finds R$ 2 note with cryptomeda symbol and QR Code

A snack bar attendant in a city in Rio de Janeiro state was surprised with the Bitcoin symbol on a R$ 2 bill.

A stamp with the Bitcoin symbol was found this Tuesday (15) in a US$ 1 bill in Brazil. Besides BTC, the note brings a QR Code figure, which Brazilian trader Gabriel da Silva Fonseca couldn’t scan through the cell phone.

Attendant in a snack bar in São João do Meriti, located in Rio de Janeiro, the trader was surprised by the note with Bitcoin stamp while working. He found the note on the company’s cash register and doesn’t know the origin of the Bitcoin stamped symbol.

As soon as he found the $ 2 note, Gabriel thought about scanning the QR Code, in search of information about who stamped the bill left in the establishment. However, after six attempts he gave up scanning the code, which appears illegible on the photo of the banknote with the Bitcoin stamp.

R$ 2 bill with Bitcoin

A $ 2 note with the Bitcoin symbol was found in the interior of Rio de Janeiro, provoking curiosity on the trader who found the bill. Besides the BTC symbol, the note has a QR Code and a phrase of cryptomoeda’s praise.

According to the photo shared by Gabriel in a Facebook group, a red stamp was used to ‘give life’ to the Bitcoin symbol, which calls the attention on the R$ 2 bill.

Trader found note with Bitcoin in São João do Meriti – RJ (Reproduction/Facebook)

Besides the iconic symbol that refers to Bitcoin, a QR Code appears on the right side of the letter. According to the stamp, “Bitcoin is better” than the Brazilian real. In an interview to Cointelegraph, the trader who found the note said that it was the first time he saw something like this.

“It’s the first note I find like this. I found it in the cash register of my work”.

QR Code next to cryptomeda

The R$ 2 note found with the Bitcoin symbol seeks to divulge the adoption of cryptomoedas in Brazil through a stamp. However, what aroused the curiosity of the trader who found the money was the QR Code divulged next to the cryptomoeda symbol.

Although it’s illegible, the code could offer more information about the responsible for the stamp on the banknote. Even free cryptomoeda could be found with the QR Code that appears on the R$ 2 bill.

According to trader Gabriel da Silva, as soon as he found the R$2 bill he tried to scan the QR Code, but was unsuccessful. The image of the code is blurred, and can’t be read by an application.

“My heart beat faster and I immediately pulled the camera from my cell phone to read the QR Code. I tried it about six times, but it was so worn out that I couldn’t identify it”.

Trader will keep the ballot

Gabriel found the R$ 2 bill with the Bitcoin symbol by chance, at the snack bar he works in São João do Meriti – RJ. After not being able to read the code, the trader says that he left the note on the cash register of the work.

“I left it back at the cashier, but soon it will be time for me to go and I will check if it is there if it is, I’ll leave another note in place and pick it up for me”.

However, when Gabriel returned to work this Wednesday (16), he found the bill still on the cash register, and decided then to keep the note of $ 2. As much as it can still be used in commerce, Brazil considers it a crime to tear and or write in bills.